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Reception rooms

2 salles spacieuses, hautes et lumineuses
salle bois en repas

Reception room “bois”

An elegant 300m2 venue.

Its high, beamed ceiling and magnificent parquet flooring make this a spectacular, warm space, flooded with natural light thanks to its 5 bay windows overlooking the estate’s inner courtyard.

The room is fully equipped with sanitary facilities, a dedicated catering room and a full set of furniture, including tables and chairs. Heated and air-conditioned, it is perfectly suited to all seasons.

Ideal for events ranging from 50 to 150 guests.

salle brique en cérémonie

Reception room “brique”

A sumptuous 530m2 hall.

Discover a magnificent vaulted Toulouse brick ceiling, a red terracotta floor, 2 alcoves and a spacious parquet dance floor. This venue offers the perfect setting for unforgettable events.

In addition to these unique features, it also has 2 small independent rooms, a dedicated catering room, sanitary facilities and a complete set of tables and chairs.

Ideal for events ranging from 100 to 350 guests.

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